Philadelphia NOW PAC Endorses Kristin Combs, Green Party Candidate for Council At-Large


October 21, 2015

Philadelphia NOW PAC Gives Nod to Kristin Combs

Endorses Green Candidate for Council-at-Large

Kristin Combs, the Green Party candidate for one of the seven at-large seats on Philadelphia City Council, won a significant endorsement on Tuesday from the political action committee of Philadelphia NOW, the National Organization for Women. NOW PAC’s Executive Board voted unanimously in favor of the endorsement.

“Philadelphia NOW PAC is thrilled to endorse Kristin Combs,” the president of Philadelphia-NOW PAC, Nina Ahmad, said.”Kristin understands the core issues that define NOW. She is the only “progressive” independent candidate to receive our endorsement this cycle. What sets her apart is that she showed us a deep understanding that any attempt to legislate a woman’s ability to determine her reproductive choices is really about undermining the freedom to exercise control over our bodies.”

Philadelphia’s home rule charter guarantees that no more than five of the seven City Council at-Large seats are held by a single political party. The five Democratic candidates are universally slated to win those five seats by a huge margin. Historically the remaining two minority seats have gone to Republicans, but Combs says she offers an alternative.

“City Council can use another progressive who will fight for issues important to women. In addition to NOW’s core goals, such as supporting equal rights, defending choice and ending domestic and sexual violence, there are the challenges of income inequality, rising housing costs, lack of access to quality education and others that deeply affect our lives as women. I am proud to stand with NOW on these issues, and proud that NOW PAC is standing with me.” Combs said.

Combs joins Council-at-Large challenger Helen Gym and incumbents William Greenlee and Blondell Reynolds Brown, who were endorsed by NOW PAC before the primaries. Additional endorsements of Combs can be found on her campaign website.

“It’s very rare for us to endorse an independent after our primary endorsements,” Ahmad added, “but we were very impressed by Kristin.”

“My message to voters is that they can vote for me without affecting the outcome for the Democrats,” said Combs. “I am committed to use my position in Council to advance programs that defend underserved populations. There is a difference between equality and justice. I will fight for justice.”

For more information:

Rich Garella, Kristin Combs for Philadelphia City Council (212) 473-6929 /

Nina Ahmad, Ph.D., President, Philadelphia NOW PAC

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