Women’s votes will decide the future.  NOW PACs are determined to elect a majority of elected officials who are committed to the advancement of women’s rights in all levels of political office.

The Philadelphia NOW PAC is the local branch of a state and a national organization. Our criteria for endorsements are consistent with state and national NOW. Our primary goal in making such endorsements is to help to elect candidates who will advance our issues.  Endorsed candidates must be in agreement with all our core issues. We endorse candidates whose district falls completely within the Philadelphia County boundaries. With districts that span Philadelphia county and another county, we defer to the State PA NOW to undertake the endorsement process.


New Endorsements


Morgan Cephas
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Mike O'Brien
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General Election, November 3rd, 2015
Philadelphia NOW PAC Endorsed Candidates:

Jim Kenney for Mayor
Helen Gym for City Council At-Large
Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown for City Council At-Large
Councilman William Greenlee for City Council At-Large
Kristin Combs for City Council At-Large
Councilwoman Cindy Bass of the 8th Council District
Councilwoman Maria D. Quinones-Sanchez for the 7th Council District
Rainy Papademetriou for Common Pleas Court
Kai Scott for Common Pleas Court
Judge Abbe Fletman for Common Pleas Court
Judge Stephanie Sawyer for Common Pleas Court
Sharon Williams Losier for Municipal Court

For Judicial Candidates Interested in Philadelphia NOW PAC Endorsement, please click below to download our Questionnaire.
Judicial Candidates' Questionnaire

For All Candidates Interested in Philadelphia NOW PAC Endorsement, please click below to download our Questionnaire. Candidates' Questionnaire

Philadelphia NOW PAC Endorsed Candidates for May 19, 2015 Primary Elections in Philadelphia

Jim Kenney for Mayor

Philadelphia NOW PAC unanimously endorsed Jim Kenney, former Councilman, for Mayor. This was the first Mayoral endorsement since the inception of the PAC in 2003. The Board was impressed with his vision of shared prosperity that brings everyone forward. His record on City Council speaks for itself; very thoughtful and pragmatic, inclusive and fair, and adept at pushing for short term objectives to achieve long term goals. At the first City Council hearing in Philadelphia on street harassment (2nd in the nation) he said, “Changing the norm to make street harassment unacceptable may take a generation worth of work, but it’s worth it” which underscores his ability to take on seemingly intractable issues because of the underlying moral imperative. Philadelphia needs his leadership of compassion with pragmatism which will actually move the needle on important issues facing our great city. Click here for more information.

Councilwoman Cindy Bass represents the 8th Council District in Northwest Philadelphia and is a longtime NOW member and staunch advocate for women’s rights. As Chair of Council’s Committee on Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs, she has worked to raise the profile and safety of Philadelphia’s parks and cultural institutions. She has also been working to revitalize the commercial corridors in the 8th district by attracting business and creating safe neighborhoods.

Philadelphia NOW greatly appreciated the valuable time and effort that Councilwoman Bass has put forth in keeping our communities safe for families. Click here for more information.

Councilwoman Maria D. Quiñones-Sánchez is an incumbent for the 7th Council District. She has over 25 years of service to the city of Philadelphia and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. She is the first Latina to serve on the Philadelphia City Council. She is a founding member of the Pennsylvania Statewide Latino Coalition and created the first bilingual charter school in Pennsylvania (Eugenio Maria de Hostos Community Charter School). Throughout these years, she has advocated for many issues including women’s and workers’ rights, economic development, family wages, voter registration, health care availability and sensible immigration reform.

Philadelphia NOW appreciates the work that Councilwoman Quiñones-Sánchez does to help the Philadelphia and Commonwealth communities and residents. Click here for more information.

Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown is an incumbent for Council At-Large and has truly worked toward putting people first. She is serving her fourth term as a member of Philadelphia City Council and is the only woman serving in City Council Leadership. She has many legislative accomplishments that support her core issues, which are children and youth, women, education, arts and culture, small business development, and sustainability and the environment. Recently, Councilwoman Reynolds Brown has championed the creation of a permanent Commission for Women and moving to have it appear as a ballot question on May 19th Primary election.

Philadelphia NOW thanks her for her continuous support and for the work that she does in the community with women. Click here for more information.

Councilman William Greenlee is an incumbent for Council At-Large. He has created a culture of strong constituent services in his Council office. He was the prime sponsor of the update to the Fair Practices Ordinance, which expands the protection of citizens to include the LGBT community, domestic violence victims, and the disabled. His legislative accomplishment of the Paid Sick-Leave Law will have major impact on not just the lives of women, but on all people that deserve dignity and respect in the work place.

Philadelphia NOW thanks Councilman Greenlee for his commitment to improving the lives of every day folks in Philadelphia. Click here for more information.

Helen Gym is a challenger for City Council At-Large. She has worked in championing education for almost 30 years. She is the founder of a charter school serving immigrant students and families, as well as of a parents’ organization and citywide education newspaper. She has also won millions of dollars in new school funding from the Philadelphia Parking Authority. Gym also has a deep support for building up public spaces in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia NOW is impressed by her ability to mobilize the community around quality public education for all of Philadelphia’s children and her support of our core issues. Our chapter looks forward to working with Gym on increased support for victims of domestic and sexual abuse, elimination of human trafficking and providing multilingual services for the many immigrant residents of the region. Click here for more information.

Paul Steinke is a challenger for City Council At-Large. He understands that individuals who are part of a marginalized group face obstacles in receiving adequate health care, education, and economic equality. He believes that any type of discrimination needs to be ended. Steinke is an active member of the LGBT community and is a member of the board of directors of the William Way LGBT Community Center. He was the Director of Finance and Administration for the Center City District for seven years and served close to four years as founding Executive Director of University City District. He also spent 13 years as General Manager of Reading Terminal Market, where he helped reshape it.

Philadelphia NOW applauds Steinke’s commitment to public service which is derived from a belief that every person, regardless of his or her race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status, deserves an equal opportunity to achieve personal and professional success and happiness in our great City. Click here for more information.

Sherrie Cohen is a challenger for City Council At-Large. She has been in the trenches, fighting on many fronts for a more equitable society. Cohen is a public interest attorney who has advocated for those without a voice in the law, the government, or the community. As an attorney, she has fought tobacco companies, toxic polluters, and City Hall members who would have closed many public libraries.

Philadelphia Now is confident that as a Councilwoman At-Large, Cohen will continue to advocate for civil rights, women’s rights, and the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people. Click here for more information.

Kai Scott is a Judicial Candidate for Common Pleas Court. She sees a need for judges who have diverse backgrounds to better understand the litigants, victims, and defendants who come to court. She worked as a staff attorney for the Defender Association of Philadelphia for seven years. She has spent the past ten years as a trial attorney at the Federal Community Defender Office, where she served as Chief of the Trial Unit. Scott is one of only three who have been rated “highly recommended” by the Philadelphia Bar Association.

Philadelphia NOW is impressed with Scott’s work to educate relevant entities in the judicial system about trial advocacy and sentencing issues. Click here for more information.

Judge Abbe Fletman is an incumbent for Common Pleas Court and was rated “highly recommended” by the Philadelphia Bar Association. Before she was appointed to the bench, Abbe was a trial lawyer in the city focusing on complex commercial disputes, including intellectual property matters. She is an active member of the Philadelphia community and has provided pro-bono legal services through Philadelphia Volunteers for the Indigent, the Women's Law Project, and the Support Center for Child Advocates and Lambda Legal. Philadelphia NOW is impressed with Judge Fletman’s breadth of experience and work to improve the quality of justice and the legal profession. Click here for more information.
Betsy Wahl is a Judicial Candidate for Common Pleas Court. She has dedicated her life to serving Philadelphia and our youth. She has spent 12 years presiding as a Master in Juvenile Court and has been trained in mediation (divorce, custody, victim/offender, and reunification) for 20 years. She handles an average of 1,100 cases each month as Master in Juvenile Court. Philadelphia NOW is impressed with Wahl’s great experience in the courtroom and behind the bench. We look forward to working with her on judicial training about domestic violence laws and youth placement issues. Click here for more information.

Anthony Kyriakakis is a Judicial Candidate for Common Pleas Court. He has been recognized for his integrity and achievements as a public servant. He has prosecuted diverse crimes, including violent robberies, cases of child exploitation, and offenses against the elderly and the most vulnerable in the community. His work has also focused on abuses of power trust, such as when he prosecuted charter school operators for millions of dollars in fraud. Kyriakakis has also been a mentor and “Big Brother” in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program for the past five years.

Philadelphia NOW is impressed with Kyriakakis’s understanding of gender based and racial disparities that plague our justice system. Click here for more information.

Judge Stephanie Sawyer is an incumbent for Common Pleas Court and is currently a Municipal Court Judge in Philadelphia County. Before her appointment, Judge Sawyer maintained her own law office as a sole practitioner for almost 20 years in Center City. As a single parent, she was financially unable to provide free consultations on a one-on-one basis, but through her dedication to give back to the community, she developed free legal seminars so that people could still have their legal questions answered at no cost. She has fought for fairness in Family Law, Criminal Law, Employment Discrimination Law, and Personal Injury Law.

Philadelphia NOW is impressed with Judge Sawyer’s breadth of experience and her work to address the problem of mass incarceration facing our nation. Click here for more information.

Rainy Papademetriou is a Judicial Candidate for Common Pleas Court. She currently serves as the Managing Attorney at Philadelphia VIP and has been “recommended” by the Philadelphia Bar Association. She is Co-Chair of Women in the Profession Committee and was past Co-Chairs of the Civil Gideon Family Law Working Group and Delivery of Legal Services Committee. She was also Chair of the Domestic Violence Committee and Public Interest Section.

Philadelphia NOW applauds Papademetriou’s commitment to ending violence against women and promoting equal justice for low income Philadelphians. Click here for more information.

Sharon Williams Losier is a judicial candidate for Municipal Court. She is a long time Philadelphia NOW member, currently serving as delegate to PA NOW. She has close to 30 years of experience as a civil litigator. She is engaged in the community, serving on various organizations including the Philadelphia branch of NAACP and the ACLU.

Philadelphia NOW is impressed with her passion about voter protection issues as well as safeguarding women’s reproductive choices. Click here for more information.