About Phila-NOW

The Philadelphia Chapter was formed in the late sixties but was finally incorporated in 1971. Our Chapter is engaged in working to realize a broad vision for progress for women and their families, which is predicated on intersectionality and inclusion. Our chapter is actively engaged in having a multi-generational membership from diverse communities and all walks of life. We strive to communicate with cultural competence both within the organization and externally. Our priority areas include promoting economic security (increasing the minimum wage, paid sick leave, closing the wage gap, for women, targeted policy and systems changes that can impact assets and wealth); agitating for reproductive justice; pushing for common sense immigration reform and fighting for LGBTQ rights. We meet every second Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m. Location is as listed on our website unless otherwise noted for particular meetings. Please contact us and get involved!

NOW is driven by six core missions:

  • Economic Justice
  • Reproductive Justice
  • Gender Equality/Gay Rights
  • Combatting Racism
  • Ending Violence Against Women
  • Constitutional Equality


President: Jenné Ayers
Executive Vice President: Krishna Rami
Secretary: Samantha Pearson
Vice President for Membership: Karen Barnosky
Treasurer: Louise Francis

Marcia Bayne: Treasurer, Phila NOW-PAC
Grace Palladino: Vice President, Phila NOW Education Fund
Karen Bojar: Delegate to PA NOW & Phila NOW Education Fund Secretary
Ernistine Bristow: Delegate to PA NOW
Melissa Robbins: Delegate to PA NOW
Helen Seitz: PAC member
Gloria Gilman: PAC member
Sara Jacobson: PAC member


Look At What Our Members Are Doing:


Click here to purchase this book.

Philadelphia NOW member Betsy Teutsch is the author of 100 Under $100: One Hundred Tools for Empowering Global Women. In her book, she lists many inexpensive resources to help mobilize and empower women around the world. She has generously offered to contribute 30% of her book sales to Phila-NOW when you type "Phila-NOW" in the Book Partner Organization line after following the link here. Read what others have been saying about the book below:

Reviews posted on Amazon

“Beyond being an engaging and inspirational read, 100 Under $100 provides tangible ways of creating women’s empowerment opportunities globally. In smart and accessible prose, Betsy Teutsch aptly underscores the powerful impact an organization can have if it takes into account the complex needs of the whole person. Teutsch's 100 Under $100 proves to be an invaluable resource for those looking to dedicate their lives—or a few dollars—to the cause of women's empowerment worldwide.”
—Kennedy Odede, Founder & CEO of Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO)

BetsyTeutsch"100 Under $100 is a formidable accomplishment. It should be mandated reading for people in the NGO and aid worlds. It is filled with interesting information, valuable to everyone who cares about conditions in the developing world. The book offers ingenious yet inexpensive solutions to a host of problems confronted every day by people, especially women and girls, who live in poverty. Betsy Teutsch’s writing is clear and succinct, and the book’s organization is very reader-friendly. . . . On your coffee table it will be both a beautiful addition and a conversation- starter. Who knows where it will lead!"
—Brighid Blake, African Sisters Education Collaborative/Sisters Leadership Development Initiative

“Betsy Teutsch has found some brilliant yet simple tools that can used in real-life settings to improve the lives of women challenged by poverty. While the writing is accessible to the lay reader and the examples selected are aimed at specific problems, the scope is sufficiently broad that even the most tech-oriented and development-savvy folks will find something new. The photos brilliantly illustrate the many faces of women who benefit from using these tools, and help make this book a pleasure to read.”
—Susan Holck, M.D., 30-year global public health veteran, former World Health Organization Director of Reproductive Health, Geneva